Friday, November 29, 2013

North End DEMS Caucus - Dec 10, 7pm Miller Center

Soup, sandwiches, meet the candidates!


Jim Holway serves on the Neighborhood Planning Assembly Steering Committee, working on issues including Redistricting, lot coverage changes in parks, oversight of Community Development Block Grants, High School Boosters, North Ave. Corridor Study, Bike Walk Council, All-Wards NPA, Calendar 2.0, F-35s and more. Jim co-hosted a special forum in the New North End to provide residents with an opportunity to share their thoughts on current issues with city councilors. Jim frequently joins the Mayor and his staff at the Mayor's Wednesday Coffee Hour at the Bagel Cafe, bringing issues to their attention that his neighbors have discussed with him. Jim also hosts a weekly coffee hour at the Bagel on Saturday mornings for the NPA, meeting with residents to discuss local interest topics and activities. To keep the community informed, he has created several topic-driven websites, and manages several social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for the NPA. Routinely Jim makes use of Front Porch Forum and NPA meetings to update the North Burlington community with many of the happenings in city government.

Carol Ode was honored to have been elected by Ward 4 to the Burlington Board of School Commissioners where she served for 10 years and chaired the board for seven.  She lived in and was elected to serve Ward 2 on the School Board in 1987.  She also served on the Burlington Waterfront Board.  She recently worked in Montpelier as DRM Government and Public Affairs Group legislative coordinator. Carol has worked as a consultant, served as a volunteer and participated in lobbying activities for a wide range of organizations, including serving a six-year term on the Vermont State Board of Education, which she also chaired. She worked with the Vermont Bar Foundation where she helped to create and implement a strategic plan for funding to assure universal access to the judicial system, and she worked with the Access to Justice Coalition to support the Vermont Poverty Law Fellowship. Carol has served on several boards, including the Lund Family Center Board, the Burlington Students Foundation Board and the Vermont School Boards Association;  she also served on the UVM Alumni Council.  She has served on the Democratic City Committee, campaigned for Democratic city, state and national candidates, and she has advised a number of city and statewide candidates on educational issues. Carol graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Vermont and earned her law degree from Cornell Law School.  She received the Susan B. Anthony Award for Public Service from the YWCA in 2001.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Miro Weinberger wins Democratic nomination for Burlington mayor, AND TODAY HE IS MAYOR OF THE CITY!

Free Press, Dec 11. 2011: 
Jubilant supporters of Democratic mayoral hopeful Miro Weinberger roared their approval Sunday afternoon at the news: The final caucus tally gave their candidate the victory...a decisive, 122-vote margin of victory...“Today we’re one step closer to being able to turn the page of history of the past six years, and write a new chapter for this city,” Weinberger told the crowd of about 200 residents gathered at Memorial Auditorium to hear the news.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

FreePress Candidate Interviews

Miro Weinberger                     Nov. 30, 2011                      Tim Ashe

Monday, November 7, 2011



Almost six hours after an energized launch involving four candidates Sunday, the Burlington Democratic caucus delivered a dead heat between the two remaining mayoral hopefuls — Vermont Sen. Tim Ashe and developer Miro Weinberger.

Democratic leaders had talked early Sunday afternoon of scheduling a unity rally for today at Union Station to bolster the candidacy of the caucus winner, but now there is no winner, at least not yet. Instead, there will be a mini-primary season of sorts over the next few weeks between Ashe and Weinberger before the caucus resumes at a time, date and place to be determined.

Shortly after 8:15 p.m., party chairman Steve Howard announced that in a recount of third-round balloting, Ashe and Weinberger had each received 540 votes each out of 1,085 counted, with five ballots declared spoiled. Most of the crowd had left the sometimes-stirring, sometimes-confusing event by then, once they’d learned that no further voting would take place Sunday night.

Free Press

Monday, October 3, 2011


Tuesday Oct 25th
7-9pm, Miller Center

Candidates will answer questions in random order. 3 minute answers require focus and prioritization of information. Candidates will be judged on substance, clarity, practicality, credibility, and acumen.

Residents will note questions on index cards, and during the second hour they will be able to question candidates, face to face. 

We expect that the Democrats will caucus and choose a mayoral candidate mid-November. Jason Lorber, Miro Weinberger, and Bram Kronichfeld have announced their intention to seek the Democratic Party's endorsement. Brian Pine is expected to join that line-up soon. Brian has a long history of Progressive Party affiliation, but plans to seek the endorsement of both the Democratic and the Progressive parties.

Voters will choose the Democratic Candidate for the next Burlington Mayor at the Democratic Party Caucus Meeting in November. Caucus date and location will be in November, TBA.

To get warmed up, look at the candidate forum on Ch 17, moderated by Chair of the Chittenden  County Democratic Party:


Friday, September 30, 2011

Dem Candidates Forum, Oct 25, Miller Ctr, 7pm


Oct 25 - Candidates' Forum, Miller Center, 7-9pm. 

Oct 1 - Ward 4 Dem Breakfast, 9AM at 328 Shore Rd, All are welcome to come by.
Sept 28, Ward 4 Democrats' Quarterly meeting was called to order by Chair, Nancy Ellis. There was discussion about by-laws, platform, party membership qualifications, and city committee procedures. Cslr Hartnett's resolution to do away with party affiliations in city council and mayoral elections (we already have non-partisan school board elections) has generated a lot of thinking about the role of party politics in Burlington city government.  Burlington is the last city in VT to require party identification in local elections (school board, no party-affiliation).

A motion to require written notice of intention to be nominated for party endorsement was referred to the City Rules Committee for action before the "primary" caucus. People asked how it would affect nominations from the floor? and whether a hasty decision was wise?  Will post exact wording of motion when available. A special meeting of City Committee will be called to discuss/decide the issue. Only members can vote. Contact Nancy Ellis to be sure your membership (name and contact info) is up to date.

We looked at leadership categories, and brainstormed a wish list of candidates. What incredible leadership resources we have in Ward 4! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Dems have a strong leadership team: Steve Howard, Ed Adrian, Peg Boyle-Single, and Eli Lesser-Goldsmith are the core of the City Executive Committee, joined by the Chairs of each ward committee. Enthusiasm was contagious as first Ward 4 submitted names of their membership to be included in the city committee, quickly followed by submissions from other ward committees. We may have a record number of participants this biennium, which is a good sign of things to come.
Art Hogan was elected Temporary Chair of the Ward Caucus, Bob Hooper, Temp Clerk. Ward 4 then elected Nancy Ellis, Chair; Chuck Seleen, Vice-Chair; Lea Terhune, Clerk; Bob Hooper, Treasurer; and Lori Sullivan, Asst Treasurer. Art agreed to bring us up to date on tools for resolving Burlington's financial problems, beginning tomorrow night when Ward Dems gather to make plans for the coming year.

We will set the dates of quarterly meetings, and brainstorm ways for Dem mayoral and Ward 4 City Council candidates to meet NorthEnders, up close and personal. We've been sharing our North End pride and our wish lists with mayoral candidates -- Saturday morning breakfasts at 328 Shore Rd. What's next?

Fun, with a serious end game -- no less than a turning point for the city. We'll rent the room and set up the tables and chairs -- people will fill the space with energy and ideas! ALL who embrace The Democratic Party Platform are welcome. And even if you think you're familiar with the platform, it was rewritten last year and it's inspiring. 

Monday, September 26, 2011


Article VII – Committee organization and election of officers. The Committee will organize in September of the odd-numbered years on the date and according to the regulations prescribed by the State Chairperson.

The order of business of the caucus shall be:
   1.The secretary shall read the call of the City Chairperson as published in the newspaper(s).
   2. The Caucus shall elect a temporary chairperson and secretary.
   3. The secretary shall read the Roll, or, on motion from the Caucus, dispense with the reading (the list of ward committee members plus any others nominated to serve on the Committee).
   4. The Caucus, after having determined the membership of the Committee, shall then adjourn. The first meeting of the Committee shall be held immediately following adjournment of the Caucus. At this meeting the order of business shall be: 1. The election of the officers of the Committee 2. The election of the delegates to the County Committee.

At the conclusion of business of the Committee, there shall be an opportunity for the election of officers to Ward Committees in the event they have not already been elected or there are vacancies which need to be filled.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


District 3-02,
Burlington Dems,
meeting Sept 14
to select 3 people
to recommend
to Gov. Shumlin
to fill vacant seat in
Legislative Dist. 3-02.

Sept. 14, 2011, 7pm
Heineberg Center
72 Heineberg Rd

Residents of Dist 3.02 are eligible to be candidates. Dist 3.02 active Dems are eligible to vote. Map of Legislative District 3.02

Top three vote-getters' names will be forwarded to Gov. Shumlin, who will maker the final selection.

All who are interested in filling
Rep. Mark Larson’s House seat, please follow instructions at the Burlington Democratic Party website: and be present at selection meeting Sept 14.

Title 2. General Assembly. Legislature. § 9. House vacancy If a vacancy occurs in the office of representative to the general assembly, the governor shall appoint some person from the district wherein the vacancy occurs to fill the unexpired term... (Amended 1961, No. 33, eff. March 22, 1961; 1963, No. 59, eff. April 26, 1963.)

Title 17. Elections. Chapter 53, Vacancies: § 2623. Vacancies in offices within this state: (a) In the event of a vacancy in any state, county, or legislative office, the governor may request the political party of the person whose death or resignation created the vacancy to submit one or more recommendations as to a successor. The proper committee to which a request for recommendation shall be directed shall be: (4) for state representative, the representative district committee;

Alicia D’Alessandro
(802) 229.1783

Monday, July 4, 2011

June 29, 2011 Qtrly Mtg Ward 4 Dem Committee

7PM Miller Center

Bob Hooper, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05.

Nancy Ellis, Treasurer, reported on the results of several small group meetings to identify desirable qualities of mayoral and city council candidates. We know that the candidates are taking on a tough job, and we want to do what we can to support their campaigns.

We aren't sure what the process is for choosing a mayoral candidate when there are multiple Dem candidates? Russ reminded us of a caucus in the high school auditorium when over a thousand voters participated in a mayoral primary by paper ballot. Are registered voters pre-qualified with the city checklist? Dems have an open caucus, so anyone can participate in in the primary if they are registered to vote in the city.

Chuck Seleen, Vice Chair, suggested that Bob contact Brooks McArthur, City Dem Commitee Chair, requesting a meeting with the Executive Committees of all Ward Dem Committees, and the City Dem Ex Com, soon.

Next ward committee quarterly meeting is Sept 28. 

Respectfully submitted,
Lea Terhune, Secretary

Friday, May 6, 2011

Governor Shumlin Comes to North End, Fundraiser for Mikaela

Mikaela is in a PA hospital waiting for a kidney transplant that could save her life. Her friends in Burlington are waiting for Mikaela to come home, healthy and happy. They do what they can to help. On this day, the Governor teamed up with Nancy Winn and Dave Hartnett to honor Mikaela with a community gathering at the Short Stop, mayor in an apron filling cones with creamees, all hoping Mikaela will come home soon.

Pete's a quick learner. "Show him how to make it without holes in the middle!"

Creamees aren't just for kids, and this one netted $100!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Respectful of everyone in the community; commitment to Dem Party principles and platform; truthful; well known throughout the community; a KNIGHT (Sir or Dame) in shining armor; relates to all people in a positive manner; intelligent; successful record of public service; reflective of the diversity of our community; success bringing people together; widely admired; solid business expertise; skilled at reading a balance sheet; successful electoral campaign experience; multi-issue campaign interests; good communicator; enthusiastic about moving the city forward acknowledging lessons learned; responsive to resident's concerns; a clear contrast to other party candidates; charisma; history of engaging the resources of people inside and outside city government and party politics; strong support in ward 4; a good listener; a reputation for being open and transparent in previous history of public service.

If you meet these qualifications and are willing to serve a 3-yr term of office as Mayor of Burlington, or a 2 yr term as City Councilor, please email: .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Democratic Party Ward 4

Wednesday, March 30 7:00 p.m. Miller Center


1. Elect secretary, accept Nancy Kaplan's resignation

2. Town Meeting election debrief

3. City Council President election Apr 4, first showing of Dem leadership

4. Mayoral Election 2012, create wish list and identify known candidates

5. Other possible elected offices opening in the future

6. Process for candidate seeking endorsement, qualifications to vote as member of Ward 4 Dem Caucus

Thursday, March 17, 2011



Ward 4 Dem's Cordial Fundraiser

Seasoned politician Susan Wheeler gives Andy advice while Carmen George lends an ear.

The best thing about these house parties is the opportunity for neighbors to meet candidates up close and personal. It's a chance for newcomers to meet old timers, and a chance for the party to bring new people into the caucus. But most of all, it's a great excuse for a party!

The election was a squeaker, with multiple candidates and IRV. Andy polled the most first place votes, but second place votes (of people whose candidates were disqualified in subsequent instant run-off rounds) pushed the second place finished into first place.

Andy ran a good race, and we were all very proud of him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


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