Friday, November 29, 2013

North End DEMS Caucus - Dec 10, 7pm Miller Center

Ward 4 City Council Candidate

Jim Holway serves on the Neighborhood Planning Assembly Steering Committee, working on issues including Redistricting, lot coverage changes in parks, oversight of Community Development Block Grants, High School Boosters, North Ave. Corridor Study, Bike Walk Council, All-Wards NPA, Calendar 2.0, F-35s and more. Jim co-hosted a special forum in the New North End to provide residents with an opportunity to share their thoughts on current issues with city councilors. Jim frequently joins the Mayor and his staff at the Mayor's Wednesday Coffee Hour at the Bagel Cafe, bringing issues to their attention that his neighbors have discussed with him. Jim also hosts a weekly coffee hour at the Bagel on Saturday mornings for the NPA, meeting with residents to discuss local interest topics and activities. To keep the community informed, he has created several topic-driven websites, and manages several social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for the NPA. Routinely Jim makes use of Front Porch Forum and NPA meetings to update the North Burlington community with many of the happenings in city government.